Dry Cleaning Delivery - Practically Perfect in Every Way

Detailed Pricing

Laundry Pricing

Laundry Price
Shirt (men) $2.50
Tuxedo Shirt $4.50
Shirt (women) $5.50
Pants $5.50
Shorts $4.50
T-shirt $5.50
Lab Coat $7.00

Dry Cleaning Pricing

Dry Cleaning Price
Pants $5.50
Jean $5.50
T-shirt $5.50
Shorts $4.50
Jumpsuit $10.50
Lab Cost $7.00
2 Piece Suit $12.50
3 Piece Suit $15.50
Tuxedo Suit $13.50
Blazer $7.50
Dress Short $9.50
Dress Long $11.00
Vest $5.50
Sweater $5.50
Robe $15.00
Rain Coat $13.00
Coat 3/4 $13
Coat Long $15.50
Sport Coat $15.00
Skirt $6.00
Tie $4.00
Scarf $4.50
Cap $6.00
Glove $6.00
Blouse $5.50
Gown $20.00

Household Pricing

Household Items Price
Comforter Full $30.00
Comforter Queen/Kind $35.00
Blanket $15.00
Pillow Cover Small $5.00
Pillow Cover Large $10.00
Sheet (each) $13.00
Table Cloth, skirt $18.00
Napkin $2.50
Curtain $12.00
Sofa Cover Small $8.00
Sofa Cover Large $12.00
Sleeping Bag $20.00

* Items with speciality fabrics, such as linen, silk, velvet or ornamentation, may have varied prices, as with any cleaner.

Also Offering Same and Next Day Service as well as Wash and Fold for $2.50 per pound. (Minimum charge 10 pounds)

Upcharges may apply for the following reasons:
Excessive Animal Hair Removal
Top Brand Clothing – Requires Special Handling
Removing Buttons – Diamonds, Delicate Buttons like Shells, etc
Luxurious Accessories – Fancy Beads, Sequins, etc
Silk and Leather
Coats/Scarves – Length and Weight of Material
Antique Items
Extra Sizing starting with 2XL

If a discrepancy arises that requires a refund, the refund will be made in the form of the original payment in the amount agreed to by the customer and Spit Spot.

If you don't see your item, please give us a call or send us an email so we can provide the information you need.

Email to reminders@spitspot.com