Dry Cleaning Delivery - Practically Perfect in Every Way

Corporate Services

Some of the best employers recognize the need to balance work and life. Assist your employees with this challenge by allowing Spit Spot to take the burden of dry cleaning off of them!

What is required?

  • Identify a location, preferably near your entry door that can be used as a closet for drop off and pick up.
  • Advertise the Service to your employees.
  • They may then contact us directly to set up their account.
  • We will do the rest!

What is my risk?

  • We really do not see a risk for the employer.
  • Once the service is activated, we will become the primary contact for your employees.
  • We will be responsible for:
    • Collecting Payments – We will never involve the employer in this.
    • Ensuring 100% Satisfaction.
    • Any issues relating to lost or misplaced garments.

How do we get started?

Remember, if your employees live within our Residential Service Area, they may use our service at home and not even need to bring their laundry to work.

You just need to let them know that Spit Spot is available and is Practically Perfect in Every Way!